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Sculptural Watercolour®  l'Aquarelle sculpturale


The Mont Blanc Massif from the Môle

Haute-Savoie, France



The Mont Blanc Massif from the Môle

Haute-Savoie France

Sculptural Watercolour® in a box frame 50 x 70 x 7 cm


The Môle is one of those mountains that manages to take up a prominent position in many of the views both north and south of Geneva and also from the city. Indeed, as we look south toward the Mont Blanc Massif from our viewpoint near the Jura mountains, it is often the Môle that takes centre stage, with the Massif itself obscured by mists and clouds. The converse is therefore also true: the views from the Môle are remarkable. And it is a reasonably straightforward hike to the top.

If you should decide to clamber up the Môle for the first time, then choose a day with good visibility and in the early afternoon and take the slightly more demanding route up the western side, because as you near the top the gradual emergence of the Mont Blanc Massif bathed in the afternoon sunshine is truly dramatic; something you will never forget - as you see in this Sculptural Watercolour.

And have with you a detailed map, maybe on your smart phone, as there is so much to see and to identify - all around.


The artist on the steep part of the west ridge of le Môle.


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