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Aarburg Church, Citadel, Town, Bridge and Aare Whirlpool

Aarburg, Canton Aargau, Switzerland



Aarburg Church, Citadel, Town, Bridge and Aare Whirlpool

Canton Aargau, Switzerland

Sculptural Watercolour® in a box frame 50 x 70 x 7 cm


You may have been surprised to see the word whirlpool included in the title. This is because it has been an important natural feature since people first settled here. The bend in the Rive Aare makes the water turn back on itself, allowing boats to easily pull into the quayside on which the artist is standing.

Aarburg suffered a terrible fire in May 1840 that destroyed the entire old-town centre within the walls, along with the medieval church high up on its rock. Fortunately, there was no loss of life, and the people round about took in all 68 families that had suddenly become homeless. Rebuilding quickly commenced and included a decision to construct the remarkable neo-Gothic church we see today. Along the way a tower collapsed, but nevertheless, by 1844 the building was complete. In the summer of that year, the English artist JMW Turner probably stayed here and made three very detailed and large sketches: the above view and both sides of the citadel; probably the first to record this exciting new presentation.

Nowadays there is a lift to the level of the church, and as a result of a major renovation programme the full impact of the neo-Gothic aspect has been fully restored to its former glory - just as Turner would have seen it in 1844.

We should add that the citadel is a young persons' correction centre, and so public access is limited.

As you drive along the motorway, it is possible to get a glimpse of this view, but we suggest you come into the town. With local traffic now taken through a short tunnel and around the centre, one may relax in the peaceful town square - where there is yet another surprise: the museum. This must be one of Switzerland's most closely guarded secrets, with 5 floors full of the most interesting exhibits of all sorts, that remains seemingly completely unknown outside the local area.




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