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Sculptural Watercolour®  l'Aquarelle sculpturale


Lausanne, Switzerland


Lausanne, Switzerland

Sculptural Watercolour® 80cm x 60cm x 7cm

Lausanne is a city that has grown with seemingly little planning. This painting is not intended to be artistically attractive; it is a 'comment'. You are therefore invited to engage with it to determine the 'message'.

Our two-dimensional 'flat' image is of course only able to display one angle of view. Were you to see the original, you might notice that just over the top of the box-like structure in the foreground (where 'tl' = Transport Lausanne) you can just make out the top of some sort of large notice in red. The letters are in fact 'WC'; an unusual large feature made up of red circles that, as we see, did not excape the artist's attention.

You may also wish to know that the rather lovely bridge in the centre-ground was originally a double-decker arrangement spanning the 'Valley of the Flon' whose meadow views were much loved by 19th century artists. One presumes that the lower 'deck' of the bridge is still in place, but today taken by city 'services'.

Contrary to the artist's expectations, when this work was exhibited near Lausanne it drew favourable comment from residents.

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