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Delicate last vestiges of ice-melt in the sea


As Ice Melts in the Sea, Delicate Lace-like Vestiges Bid a Final Farewell

Sculptural Watercolour® 2020 in a box frame 60 x 60 x 5 cm


This close-up study image allows to to appreciate the intricate detail of the lace-like vestiges in the above Sculptural Watercolour®


Delicate sculptural lace-like shapes appear during the last stages of ice melt from what was once part of a huge centuries-old glacier. In the relatively warm environment, these delicate vestiges will disappear within hours. Soon, more pieces of former glacier will arrive in the sea and also melt too. Little by little, we lose vast areas of ice that were once supported by land.

Little by little, new ice arrives in the sea and melts. Little by little, the entire planet's sea levels rise.
Little by little, islands become submerged and coastal areas become attacked by the sea.
Little by little we have decreasing land to live on and from, and the weather becomes more extreme.
Little by little ...




This angled view gives us an indication of the depth of this painting


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