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Deep in the Guiers Mort Gorge



Deep in the Guiers Mort Gorge, Chartreuse, France

60cm x 80cm x 5cm Sculptural Watercolour® in a box frame

Penetrating deep into the Guiers Mort Gorge reveals the dangers that faced all early travellers. Today, this part of the river lies almost entirely forgotten as traffic speeds by on the elevated road build in 1850 (that replaced an even higher route completed in 1775). To pass this way before 1775, wooden beams were inserted into the rock face, suspending a route of wooden planking.

Rocks are always falling into the river here, and it is especially dangerous to venture this way in the rain.

Prue Bishop shows us the dark coulours here that contast so starkly with the greens high above in the sunlight, conveyiing to us an accurate sense of danger and forboding.


Above: Prue Bishop climbing out of the Guiers Mort Gorge through an exit crack.


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