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Sculptural Watercolour®  l'Aquarelle sculpturale


Ice Shard


Iceberg Melting Under the Sea

Globabl Warming - Ice Shard

Sculptural Watercolour® 2020 in a box frame 60 x 60 x 5 cm

The Ice Shard is shaped by the same process as the iceberg in the previous picture. It has broken off as a slice of a larger iceberg. The splintered shapes will finally dissolve.


Prue Bishop making a frame for the above Sculptural Watercolour

The artist making the needed precision box frame.

This viewing angle allows us to appreciate the considerable depth of a Sculptural Watercolour painting.


Part of the above painting, allowing us to appreciate the remarkable detail and colouring of a Sculptural Watercolour® painting. The pigments are some of the most recent developments for watercolour.

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