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Iceberg Melting Mostly Underwater


Iceberg Melting Under the Water

An Iceberg Melts in a Relatively Warm Sea
Sculptural Watercolour® 2020 in a box frame 70 x 60 x 5 cm


Above: A photographic interpretation of how the scene might look from a ship
with the much larger part under the sea completely invisible


Detail from the above watercolour


Here we see the iceberg floating on the sea, white in the sunlight. But underneath is the artist's impression of the much larger part that is under-water - with its more rounded shape caused by melting in the relatively warm sea.

The melting of a floating iceberg does not on its own contribute to rising sea levels. What causes the levels to rise are the often vast amounts of ice that transition from land to sea, either by melting on land or sliding into the sea.

The moment a chunk of ice slips into the sea from a glacier, it contributes to a rise in sea level.

And as melt-water from land-based ice flows into the sea, it too contributes to the rise.

This painting was inspired by photography associated with various sponsored research-expeditions in both the Arctic and Antarctic that seek to provide us with a better understanding of the Global Warming mechanisms and the likely future outcome for our planet.


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