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Geneva before 1850

Genève - 2018
Sculptural Watercolour® 2018 in a box frame 61 x 81 x 7 cm


The source of inspiration for this Sculptural Watercolour® of Geneva is the extraordinary shape of the city’s fortifications that began to emerge in the mid-16th century alongside the development of co-ordinated artillery. They were as much a psychological need as a defensive need for this fiercely independent city-republic; a staunch advocate across Europe of the Reformation.

However, these ramparts with their angular ‘bastions’ covered more than the area of the old city and were understandably removed in 1850. Almost nothing remains of them today, except certain names, such as Geneva’s main ‘Cornavin’ railway station that is named after the angular ‘Bastion Cornavin’ that once stood here.

This artwork also contains a 21st Century message of support for those artists at the cutting-edge of experimentation; in this case with watercolour. The outermost part of these defences is where the ‘avant-garde’ were stationed. From today’s artist’s perspective, this work is a defence and promotion of innovation, reality and technical skill against the onslaught of meaningless conceptualism.




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