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The Monastery of the Chartreuse

Part of the Monastery, Chartreuse, France

60cm x 80cm x 5cm sculptural watercolour in a boxed frame

The Monastery of the Chartreuse has had an extraordinarily chequered history, the monks having been driven out both at the time of Napoléon when it became a military barracks, and then again forcibly by the French Army in April 1903. But thankfully, peace has reigned for the Carthusians since their return in August 1940.

The Monastery is closed to the public, and its high walls and position in a deep valley make it difficult to see.

Prue Bishop's sculptural watercolour captures the quiet, secluded and calm ethos of this special location by giving us merely a glimpse of monastic buildings through obscuring forest trees with a backdrop of the famous chartreuse green.


Prue Bishop's sculptural watercolour is not for sale


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