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Natural Rock Crossing of the Guiers Mort River

Saint Bruno's Boulder: a Natural Means of Crossing the Guiers Mort River.

Natural Rock Crossing of the Guiers Mort River in the Grande Chartreuse, France

a 50cm x 70cm x 5cm Sculptural Watercolour® in a box frame



Before the construction of a man-made bridge over the Guiers Mort River, those wishing to travel up this valley would have crossed by one of two fallen boulders that by chance had come to rest spanning the gorge. This is the larger of the two. It is possible that when St Bruno passed this way in 1084, he made use of this 'God-given' rock crossing en-route to finding tranquil pastures beyond that eventually became the Monastery of the Chartreuse with it's Désert: surrounding lands.

When the English artist J. M. W. Turner came this way on horseback in the summer of 1802, he paused here and sketched this rock, with a bridge in the background that is the Pont Pérent: the subject of the painting after next.

But for your interest, here is an image of Turner's sketch:

JMW Turner sketch 1802 Natural Bopulder Crossing Point of the Guiers Mort River

J. M. W. Turner - Grande Chartreuse Original Boulder Crossing of the Guiers Mort River with the Pont Pérent Bridge in the background - sketched 1802

The sketch is held in trust by Tate Britain under reference D04523. The photo was taken by John Lumby at Tate Britain on 16 Nov 2011.

Turner's sketch is out out of copyright; the above image is therefore in the Public Domain.



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