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Le Pont Pérent, Chartreuse, France 2011

60cm x 80cm x 5cm sculptural watercolour in a boxed frame

The Pont Pérent in the Chartreuse Massif was constructed around 1500 and remained in use until a revised route was opened in 1856: the roadway we take today in our motor-cars.

It is remarkable that this rather hidden and almost forgotten section of the old route up the Guiers-Mort Valley is still there, remaining virtually unchanged through more than 500 years!

J M W Turner came this way on horseback in the summer of 1802 and sketched this bridge (Reference and search for D04523). By referring to that sketch, you may therefore stand on precisely the piece of ground he stood on, and sketch or photograph the exact same unchanged view.

Many famous people must have travelled this same 'vieille route': the poets Goethe, William Wordsworth (in 1790) and Matthew Arnold (in 1850) to name but three.

Although the bridge is a French National Monument, it is not easy for the visitor to find.

If you should visit when it is wet underfoot, take great care, as the ground around where Turner stood may be extremely slippery.

March - April Easter Holiday period 2018 - The Pont Pérent Sculptural Watercolour is on exhibition at the Château Voltaire, Ferney-Voltaire, France that is very close indeed to Geneva Airport.

This work is not for sale, as it is reserved for Exhibitions. If you would like to exhibit it, please contact us. High quality, signed and mounted archival prints are available, along with other formats on request. The artist is also the author of a related research paper that is summrised in the Turner Research section of this Web Site.


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