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Sculptural Watercolours - 2000 to 2012

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Below is a flavour of some past exhibitions

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A. The Fury of Etna Collection

The violant vulcanism of Mounts Etna and Stromboli contrast starkly with the tranquil blues of the Mediterranean Impressions collection.

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Etna Cooling Lava

Left: Mt. Etna towers above Catania, Sicily's second largest city. Volcanism has been observed here for more than 3500 years..

In the picture on the left we are looking down into a "couldron" where we see molten rock welling up and spilling over one edge.



Right: Mount Etna - Couldra

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Etna - Valle del Bove

Left: Red-hot rock in Etna's Valle del Bove, just begninning to cool.

The unique translucency of the glowing rock is a very special effect achieved through experimentation, devised for this particular watercolour then applied to later works too.



Right: Upwelling Magma on Mount Etna



Etna Erupting

Left: Mount Stromboli on Fire


Right: Mount Etna - A River of Magma

Etna - A River of Fire


Main Pigments

The main pigments used to replicate the various volcanic effects were:

Cadmium Red (PR 108), Pyrrole Red (PR 254), Aureolin Yellow / Cobalt Yellow (PY 40), Phthalo Blue (PB 15 and Lamp Black.


B. Mediterranean Impressions

Prue Bishop's Mediterranean Impressions Sculptural Watercolours brought alive the clear and calm blue waters and gleaming sands of the islands of Malta and Gozo.

Given the considerable time that many onlookers spent looking at these works, they clearly found a great deal to captivate them. Indeed, in April 2011, groups of children seeing such paintings for the first time pointed out many interesting things to their friends that their teachers seemed to have difficulty in seeing!

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The Blue Grotto, Malta.

Sculptural Watercolour in a box-frame.

60 x 80cm x 5cm approximately 16 x 20 x 2 inches

April 2011

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Blue Grotto - Malta

Mediterranean Waters


Left: From the edge of a cliff looking vertically down through shallow Mediterranean Waters to the underlying sea bed.

The vertical viewpoint and the effects of the water conspire to play tricks on our normally land-based visual orientation.

Right: Mediterranean Waters

Mediterranean Waters


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We wish to emphasise that in the interests of keeping the collection together, current work is not for sale. However, work is available for exhibition subject to agreement.

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