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Prue in her Studio near Geneva Switzerland

She graduated from Newcastle upon Tyne College of Art and Industrial Design (now Northumbria University's Design Centre) and after a period as an industrial designer was awarded an upper honours BA degree by the then Council for National Academic Awards (whose records are kept by The Open University). She also holds a post-graduate Art Teacher's Diploma from Leeds University, and she is also a lecturer and international curator. She is also known for her interest in 19th Century artists and travellers to the Alps, and she has published research papers on JMW Turner in the British Art Journal.

Her exceptionally broad experience as a designer in industry and with private interiors, and as a teacher and lecturer in both art and design, mixed with an extraordinary drive to devise new, interesting and exciting designs, all come together in the Sculptural Watercolour® genre that she has devised.

Sculptural Watercolour® is defined here. It is 20 years since she first came up with this radical new approach to watercolour painting.

Prue with 'Grenoble'

Here we see the artist putting the final piece of "Grenoble" in place.

Cutting, forming and curving the paper introduces a third dimension allowing boundless new artistic possibilities, and the finished paintings look different depending on the source and angle of the illumination.

Prue Bishop makes her own paint by mixing specially-selected pigments with traditional gum Arabic as the carrier, and she is constantly experimenting with new pigments, papers and techniques whilst maintaining a harmonious relationship with the real world of erosion, avalanches, volcanoes, glaciers, ice-melt etc.

With life on Earth being under threat, she hopes her new exhibition will help draw attention to the dire effects of Global Warming that are all around us.

We hope that you will enjoy our special exhibition that brings together 86 selected paintings, many of which have never been seen on-line before.

We start with the most recent work on GLOBAL WARMING, after which we recommend you continue on, as each following section opens on a new world of ever-expanding possibilities and experiences.

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Le Château de Voltaire Orangerie - an excellent building for exhibitions near the artist's studio.

Le Château de Voltaire - is usually open all year round (see Note the new colour - that is actually as Voltaire had it. This historic building must surely be at the top of any Geneva visitor's must see list.  Prue Bishop's studio is nearby, and she was greatly honoured to be invited to the official opening by President Emmanuel Macron. On hearing her English accent he held quite a long conversation with her that she described as "actually rather impressive and most encouraging".      image © 2018 Lumby

Public Interest in Sculptural Watercolours

International public interest in Prue Bishop's Sculptural Watercolours is most marked. On 5 December 2016 the French newspaper Le Dauphiné Libréré described her paintings as "bluffant" which an on-line dictionary suggests means "stupefying, incredible, unimaginable, stunning, imposing, inspiring, remarkable ... "

Pru Bishop with her Pont Pérent Sculptural Watercolour Picture

Prue Bishop in the Château Voltaire Orangerie with one of her favourite watercolours: The Pont Pérent in the Chartreuse Mountains near Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. The bridge is a National Monument dating back to the 16th century. The location is very hidden, and the track remains very much as experienced by visitors to the Chartreuse Monastery between the mid 16th to the mid 19th centuries. In those days, women were banned from this area called the Désert.

Through the above window we glimpse what looks to be a most interesting view that Voltaire must have woken up to most days (as does PB!). It is absolutely fabulous:

View of the Mont Blanc Massif from Château Voltaire

This is only part of the view from the Château de Voltaire. Mr Blanc is above the tree on the left.


Palais des Nations Geneva 2011

Above: Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland - Prue Bishop's works are those in the right half of the picture

Previous Exhibitions include:

Finalist in the Laing Art Prize Landscape Competition, Mall Galleries, London

Grand Prix International de la Peinture à l’Eau in Trégastel France

Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, England

Society of Women Artists, London

Solo Exhibition, Rolle, Switzerland

Solo Exhibitions, Gutersloh, Germany

Solo Exhibitions, Munich, Germany

Conflans, Albertville, France

Moutiers, Haute Savoie, France

United Society of Artists, London

Gloucester Festival, England: Cathedral Chapter House Art Exhibition England

Curator and Exhibitor - International Art Exhibition, Divonne-les-Bains France

United Nations International “Art & Artisanat 2009" Geneva Switzerland

Solo Exhibition : Mediterranean Impressions, La Galerie, Cessy France

Curator and Exhibitor - United Nations Women's Guild - Geneva Switzerland

Solo Exhibition : The Fury of Etna 2010, La Galerie, Cessy France

Curator and Exhibitor - 53 Nations Art & Artisanat 2010 + 2011 - Geneva Switzerland

Exhibitor - ARPADI Biennale 2011 - Divonne-les-Bains France

Exhibitor and assistant curator 2016 2017 2018- Château de Voltaire - Ferney Voltaire France

She has exhibited several times at some of the above events.

Prue Bishop's Gallery near Geneva

Part of The Fury of Etna Exhibition at Prue Bishop's Gallery in 2009


All works are available for exhibition subject to agreement.
Sculptural Watercolours may be viewed by appointment, and in any case we would love to hear from you: please contact us.

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